Gokongwei intervenes after Cebu Pacific airline stock skids 25 percent

Sunday, December 19, 2010

JG SUMMIT Holdings, the parent of Cebu Pacific, bought 300,000 shares of its airline unit Friday after the share price tumbled by as much as 25 percent to P82 during jittery trading. The shares of Cebu Pacific have declined each day since Dec. 7, when the Board of Investments said AirAsia., Southeast Asia’s biggest budget carrier, planned to form a Philippine unit that will fly to domestic and international routes. AirAsia’s Philippine venture will start flights as early as August, chief executive Tony Fernandes said. Read the complete article here click this link

Instead of meeting the competition head on and improving their operations and customer service which is none existant now, they run to the court to protect them.  Let the customers get competition we need it badly.

Cebu Pacific lacks professional and humane way of treating its customers

“However, I feel that professionalism and a humane way of dealing with frustrated passengers are truly skills necessary for any airline personnel. These would have made the ordeal (that) we underwent more bearable. Instead, the disrespectful, uncaring and devious ways displayed by the Cebu Pacific personnel left a very bad taste in our mouths.”

Teri was still hopeful that the airline would reimburse her family the cost of the unused tickets and related expenses. She also said that an apology from Cebu Pacific would be the least that they can do, considering the sufferings that they had undergone.  To read the complete original article click here

Cebu Pacific Manila check in hassles, Senior citizen woes in the middle of the Check in floor

Thursday, October 7, 2010

 Customer service: What Cebu Pacific customer service?

Update December 20, 2010  Cebu Pacific is now about to get some serious competition and they don't like it and even taking it to court to prevent any ripples to their empire of poor customer service.  Read articles above to learn more.  They need it as they are a badly run customer service airline.  I have received no response to my email to them months ago even though their website grandly proclaims that you will be answered in 7 days.  They could care less since they have no serious competition!

I hope that these other airlines can give us low prices, and give us  international standards on luggage limits. Cebu Pacific makes it a grand rip off when you fly in on international carriers with higher limits for baggage (50 pounds) then being forced to pay extra on such a rip off airline who says take it or leave it (15 kilos or 33 pounds is what Cebu Pacific gives and then charges a great amount for overage and makes your carry on smaller too than international standards and doesn't permit roll ons!)  Lets have some real competition and benefit the consumer not the rich family that runs Cebu Pacific.  Who cares about dancing attendents, fix your customer service!

No matter where you work or what your job is, everything you do is about your customer.

Definition of a guest: A distinguished visitor to whom the hospitality of an institution, city, or government is extended. One who is a recipient of hospitality at the home or table of another.

Today I felt less than a guest, customer, and it ruined my whole travel experience at Manila airport Cebu Pacific check in, due to being treated like a number from a rule book!

I arrived early for check in at Cebu Pacific Manila and an agent was not happy about something and voicing her complaint to other workers in Filipino which I do not understand when she checked me in.. Maybe she wanted the Cebu Pacific Gestapo guards to hassle more paying customers as they tried to negotiate the already less than pleasant check in routines.

But when I went to go through the security guard to continue after checking in, he said I had to have a baggage tag for all  on board baggage that no one else had. Wow.I went back and got it. Then he called a Cebu Pacific person who then wanted to check the size of my bag. There were some things extending in the front compartment which I said could be moved inside but he said I needed to talk to the manager.

We then went to the manager and she did not want to face me but rather just the Cebu Pacific person, with the  Cebu Pacific manager keeping her back to me. Very rude in some cultures. Now the issue was not the roller bag but the weight. It was weighed and found to be 3  kilos over. I offered to pay the excess but no the agent stated as no roller bags were allowed on the plane and  insisted it had to be checked even if later I found at least 8 other roller bags onboard the same size of mine!!

Poor Senior Citizen treatment.  As a result, In the middle of the check in Cebu Pacific check in floor I had to get on the floor and take things out of my standard world size roller bag other airlines recognize as standard and many others the same size already allowed on board..  No table to repack, just sit on the floor, how undignified for a 65 year old senior I am, I then transferred some of the stuff to a back pack I had inside. And in the process misplaced my cell phone and caused me now to be almost late for the flight and the mental pressure it creates. I paid the 2,000 pesos excess (the weight now included the  heavy bag to include rather than putting the overage in my other roller bag which my companion had but no the agent said the roller bags could not be taken onboard, but why when others took them onboard? Was this a scam or standard treatment for Senior Citizens at random?  Was it because I am a foreigner?  Such poor public relations and on the floor treatment for the guards amusement rather than someone to assist a senior citizen in a dignified manner on a proper repacking table while Cebu Pacific works on board to create such a positive spirit for their customers.  And at the check in,  no Cebu Pacific staff seemed to care just get the profit and no matter the dignity of the Senior citizen.

And then finding many others had gotten on the same plane with roller bags as big as mine including several late check in customers as they rolled their roller bags down the aisle in the plane to make a happy trip but it for me it was a nightmare at check in with my roller bag. Why exceptions for some and no flexibiltiy for others?????

Maybe you should just make all your customers suffer and be unhappy with their travel experience too and no one should be allowed the convenience of roller baggage on the plane to make the customers more back packers than like the rest of the world airlines which allows roller bags routinely not as exceptions! And have many ,more unhappy customers with terrible Cebu Pacific tales.

I have been a big supporter of Cebu Pacific in my blog http://mycebupacific.blogspot.com/ but will post these horrible attitudes of the Manila Cebu Pacific check in manager who turns her back on customers and does not want to be bothered to make it a win win situation for both where it would be easy to resolve in dignified manner as many others customers were allowed exceptions or good dignified treatment.. Rather she does not want to be bothered with paying customers but would rather continue her chats with her fellow workers. Maybe Cebu Pacific needs to find a new manager who knows how to keep the customer happy too rather than just follow a rule book like a robot!  I felt like a garbage picker you see on the streets of Manila forced to repack on the floor with no more dignity or recourse.  You might as well employee robots if this is the way this manager was trained.  I know that is not the case as I have encountered other caring Cebu Pacific managers who treated as a regular Cebu Pacific customer knowing exceptions can be made and when to smile and when to extend further assistance rather than turning her back rudely and making me feel like I was garbage not worthy of respect who paid her salary!

I would like the following if Cebu Pacific is truly interested in the customer experience and not just pure profit,

1. Replace the Manila Cebu Pacific check in manager involved or send her to training as she looks fresh out of college and needs some understanding of the customer and not just the rule book and how to make it a win win situation for both and allow exceptions as obviously others were going on board with carry on world standard size roller bags just like mine (were they also weighed too? I am sure not).

2. Make the security guard a team member too in getting good feeling about Cebu Pacific rather than like a nazi Gestapo guards at a german prison! Customers want to feel good about our travel as well and it should be reflected in how the Security guards deal with paying customers, rather than money machines, as there were so many security guards inside the check in area, making it like a prison!  And then leering at my misery and shame with no smile.   If they say they want a on board baggage tag, then don't make it bigger requirements by getting an agent to do more to hassle to show their great Security guard power.

3. Ban all roller bags or allow all world standard carry on size bags. If your worried about weight then weigh all of checked bags, not just some random Senior citizen  foreigners. Now that Cebu Pacific is the dominant carrier in the Philippines, it needs to also keep the customer experience in mind too.

4. Make this customer feel good again about continuing his travels with Cebu Pacific by waiving excess baggage fees paid on this flight to compensate for this horrible check in experience today at the hands of the Cebu Pacific manager and Gestapo guards. World class airlines have flexibility in making a customer feel good about his experiences and often make payments to dissatisfied customers to balance bad travel experiences. Or is a few pesos profit more important than proper standard treatment for all like all those allowed on board with the same size roller bags?

5. It should be noted that the Cebu Pacific Iloilo flight check in staff were sitting idly gossiping with other agents and did not offer to help this late check in as the Cebu bound agents were busy. (one did after I insisted on help) since no Cebu check in agents were available to assist.

6. Why not have one Cebu Pacific agent assist getting this excess baggage problem to quick completion & check in to make the customer feel important too rather than the feeling I got was that no one cared? Remember guests get hospitality in the definition and I felt a victim rather than the hospitality. You made more than my plane ticket on this few kilos over carry on! More service should result as well to get all passengers on board in a timely manner. I made it with 5 minutes to spare! And provide proper repacking tables not the middle of the floor for security guards to leer and patrol a senior citizen already with great loss of dignity by squatting on the floor!

7. Hopefully this email will help to make a customer also feel good about his travel. I certainly did not on this trip and lost my respect and dignity in such a raw treatment of uncaring guards and manager

It should be noted this was the same roller bag I took on board from Cebu to Manila with no problems two weeks earlier and have traveled the world with as carry on baggage!


Cebu Pacific seat sale as low as P888

Monday, March 8, 2010

MANILA, Philippines - Cebu Pacific (CEB) celebrates its 14th anniversary with seat sale as low as P888 on select routes on March 9 and 10, 2010.

Manila-Taipei seats are available for only P888, while Manila-Guangzhou seats are up for grabs for only P988. Those going to Shanghai can also avail themselves of P1,888 seats. Both ‘Go Lite’ seats are for travel from May 1 to July 31, 2010.

Passengers traveling from Manila to General Santos, Zamboanga, Dipolog, Cotabato, Davao, Butuan, Ozamiz, Cagayan de Oro and Pagadian (starting June 9) can also avail themselves of the ‘Go Lite’ seat sale fare of P999, for travel June 1 to Aug. 31, 2010.

Those with check-in luggage will just add P100 upon booking.
Passengers can call (02) 7020-888 or (032) 230-8888 or visit www.cebupacificair.com for their booking needs. Those without credit cards can still book online and pay via CEB partner banks such as Metrobank, Robinsons Savings Bank, Banco de Oro, Bancnet and Megalink.

50 percent off sale Cebu Pacific to all destinations promo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sale period February 18-21, 2010 and travel period June 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010

Cebu Pacific (CEB) is offering close to 2 million seats at 50% off in a system-wide seat sale from February 18-21, 2010, for travel June 1 to December 31, 2010. The sale is in appreciation of passengers who helped retain www.cebupacificair.com as the Philippines’ top travel website.

CEB’s 50% off seat sale is applicable to the airline’s 32 domestic destinations. This includes the Airbus and ATR flights to Boracay (Caticlan), Kalibo, Coron (Busuanga), Tagbilaran (Bohol), Puerto Princesa, Cebu, Laoag, and Ozamiz.

Promo seats up for grabs also include CEB’s 14 international destinations, namely Taipei, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok (from Manila and Clark), Incheon, Pusan, Shanghai, Taipei, Macau, Guangzhou, Osaka, Jakarta, Singapore and Hong Kong (from Manila, Cebu and Clark).
 We allotted almost 2 million seats for this 50% off seat sale to give more travelers the chance to avail of the promo,” said CEB VP for Marketing and Distribution Candice Iyog.
Passengers can go to www.cebupacificair.com, call (02) 7020-888 or (032) 230-8888, or visit the nearest travel agents for their booking needs. Those without credit cards can still book online and pay via partner banks and payment centers.
“Cebu Pacific also has Fun Tours packages for vacations or trips to Cebu, Davao, Hong Kong, Incheon and Pusan. Just log on towww.funtours.cebupacificair.com,”
Check out Philippines Airlines promo http://philippineair.blogspot.com/
Also check out other previous promotions at my Cebu Pacific blog
Cebu Pacific is restarting its service to Boracay as well check it out Cebu Pacific flies back to Caticlan Mar. 1
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Cebu Pacific promos select destinations in seat sale as low as P588

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cebu Pacific (CEB) encourages domestic and international travel with a seat sale as low as P588 this February 15-16, for travel from March 1-31, 2010.

Those going from Cebu to Davao, and from Manila to Tuguegarao and Laoag, can avail of the ‘Go Lite’ seat sale fare of P588. Passengers from Manila to Cebu or vice versa can also book and buy tickets for only P788 ‘Go Lite’.

Meanwhile, those headed for a Hong Kong summer holiday from Manila, Cebu or Clark can avail of greatly reduced promo fares. For Manila-Hong Kong and Cebu-Hong Kong flights, it’s P1,999, while it’s P1,499 for Clark-Hong Kong flights. Passengers headed to Incheon from Manila and Cebu, and to Pusan from Cebu, can avail of the ‘Go Lite’ seat sale fare of P2,899.

Those with check-in luggage will just add P100.

Passengers can go to www.cebupacificair.com, call (02) 7020-888 or (032) 230-8888, or visit the nearest travel agents for their booking needs. Those without credit cards can still book online and pay via partner banks and payment centers.

“Cebu Pacific also has Fun Tours packages for vacations or trips to Cebu, Davao, Hong Kong, Incheon and Pusan. Just log on to www.funtours.cebupacificair.com,”

Check out Philippines Airlines promo http://philippineair.blogspot.com/

Also check out other previous promotions at my Cebu Pacific blog http://mycebupacific.blogspot.com/

Cebu Pacific is restarting its service to Boracay as well check it out Cebu Pacific flies back to Caticlan Mar. 1

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Go Lite fare of P999 Manila to Malaysia, Jakarta, Taipei, Clark-Macau

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cebu Pacific is slashing fares for selected international routes to as low as P999 from Feb. 10-11, 2010, the company said in a press statement.

Up for grabs are Manila to Malaysia seats, namely Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur, for the Go Lite fare of P999 and P1,999. These are for travel from April 1 to June 30, 2010.

Those planning to take Manila-Jakarta, Manila-Taipei and Clark-Macau flights can avail themselves of the Go Lite fare of P999.

Flights from Manila to Saigon and Macau are available at P1,499. These are for travel from May 1-July 31, 2010.
Those with check-in luggage will have to add P100 upon booking.

Passengers can call the reservation hotlines (02) 7020-888 or (032) 230-8888 or check www.cebupacificair.com for their inquiries and booking needs. Those without credit cards can still book online and pay via partner banks.